As the Summer months bring hurricanes, fireworks, an uptick in events and opportunities, and a general feeling of lethargy combined with fanatic energy (amazing – the range!), we find ourselves revisiting the practice of reframing. It’s easy to get used to or caught up in certain thought and behavior patterns. And some of them may not serve us. Taking a step back, or a new route, may be the way forward.

Reframing is a technique involving a shift in mindset. So we’re able to look at a situation, person, or relationship from a slightly different perspective. It’s like widening or changing the lens on a camera, the view is completely altered – or even enhanced! When we reframe we have the opportunity to allow for new meaning, behavior, and thinking.

Our thought patterns can become like ruts in the road, worn and weathered. And especially when the terrain is becoming too rough or harmful to our wellbeing, a reframe may be in order. Approaching these situations, people, relationships, and ourselves with a new perspective doesn’t equate to ignoring real problems or issues or bypassing emotions, but gives us a sense of newness to them that may be what we need. To feel our feet on the ground. To take the next step, even on a new path.

Cheers to moving forward by stepping back.

With love,
SukhaLife yoga

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