Rage and rest go hand in hand. We need rested warriors, not just ragers or worriers. And to stay active participants in co-creating the world we wish to see, we need to be safe, healthy, and well rested.

Does anyone else feel like RAGING lately? Let’s talk about it. These times are causing me to feel angry, sad, bitter, resentful, worried, and full of rage. So how can we observe and allow what it is we are feeling from a place of non-judgement and curiosity? And how can we hold space for our feelings to be seen, heard, and expressed in healthy and mindful ways? Let’s talk about how to rage, and rest.

Safe ways to rage include:

  • Blasting some music that makes you want to move and full on dancing it out. Today was a random Offshore Riot (a Tampa Bay area Reggae-Rock trio who I found fitting to rage to) CD I found in my car. Yes, my car has a CD player.
  • Screaming in a contained and safe space. My personal favorite is my car when there’s no one around. Try into a pillow as well! Let any noise out that comes.
  • Talking to a friend who has agreed to let you “let it all out” while they hold space to listen to and even encourage your anger. This needs to be consensual and pre-agreed to. Maybe even with a timer set to a time limit, and then allowing them the same space and time.
  • Other forms of movement. Even a yoga class can help channel rage when you’re aware of your feelings and bring them to the mat in order to feel, allow, process, and move through.
  • Being around like minded community. You don’t need to trigger yourself while you’re in a rage state by being around those who don’t understand or get you. Put yourself with your people and those who allow you to just feel and be.
  • Journaling it out. Burn through paper and ink by allowing every single thing you’re thinking and feeling to pour onto the pages.
  • Breath + meditation practice. Breathe in the bullshit – really let yourself feel it. Exhale it out as many times as needed, until slowly beginning to exhale the changes you wish to see into the world. Stay calm, connected, and grounded. You’re safe.
  • Get active. Donate to a cause you care about or the people and organizations doing the work. March. Speak. Rage on.

Healthy ways to rest:

  • Sleep! I am a huge proponent of naps! And while I know they are not as accessible to some, can you find even a few minutes to lay down in a comfortable space and position, close your eyes, and just be? Or just sleep for a few hours in the middle of the day! And definitely set yourself up for a healthy night’s sleep by limiting technology, listening to soft music, and winding down slowly.
  • Restorative and therapeutic yoga. Teacher or self-led slow, low, and gentle yoga poses can help shift our bodies from the sympathetic state, or fight-or-flight response, to the parasympathetic state, which initiates the rest-and-digest response. Take your time slowing down and be gentle with yourself.
  • Bathe or shower.
  • Use guided imagery. Imagine yourself in a setting that helps you feel calm and relaxed. Audiotapes, scripts, or a teacher to guide you through the process can help.
  • Have a warm drink that doesn’t have alcohol or caffeine in it, like herbal tea. I’m currently drinking a Tulsi Sweet Rose tea that’s “Stress Relieving and Magical”.
  • Get a massage. Or have a loved one rub your feet, shoulders, or give you gentle touch.

Wherever you are with your emotions, the most important thing you can do is allow yourself to become aware of what it is you’re feeling and why. Then identify some healthy coping mechanisms and tools that can help you to feel through them.

On the other side, I hope to feel my rage from a more grounded and centered place deep within and around that encourages me onward. I hope the same for you.

With love, rage, and restful wishes,
The Sukhalife Yoga crew
Feat. contributing Writer Carly Mertz of Sacred Spaces Creations

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