August feels like shifting. Creating space and definition, getting lists made and goals in mind, and planning for the change of seasons (however little we outwardly feel it) and incoming fresh perspectives.

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This month, we focus on space.

As an Organizer I often think about space. And what we choose to fill it with. Objects of affection and memory, the essentials, a dining room table, undone tasks, desires, loneliness, things that simply take up said space. From here the question arises: What are you choosing to fill your spaces with?

I want you to think of your body, your mind, your bedroom, and all those areas in your life that are your corners of the world. A written practice is helpful here to observe your spaces and what’s in them.

Step 1:

  • Identify the space you want to focus on
    ○ This could be your physical body, a room in your home, your vehicle, your emotional body, etc.

Step 2:

  • Jot down what comes to mind when you consider – what’s in this space?
    ○  This could be material items as well as thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
    ■  For example, when I consider the space of my mind I observe both self criticism AND joyful pride there.

Step 3:

  • So what? After the identification phase comes the “so what?” phase.
    ○ So what have you discovered?
    ○ Where is it clear you can clean up some space?
    ○  Where are you pulled to focus?

Step 4:

  • Make a plan
    ○ Nothing drastic, something doable and that feels right.
    ○ Create a mini blueprint.
    ○ Implement “small things often”, a podcast and term coined by The Gottman Institute, while navigating and loving yourself and your spaces.

Mapping out what lies in each of the spaces in our lives in an honest and thoughtful way can navigate us towards our work and our peace.

Now let’s talk about another tool.

I believe in the power of Law of Attraction. Wherein through intentionally curating your inner thoughts to be those of abundance, softness, and peace, you can truly move yourself in the direction of your desires. Keep in mind you may see yourself move differently than the anticipatory mind expects. With different places, people, and circumstances along the way. At the very least with this approach you’ll have the opportunity to live life with a more positive mindset.

Being rooted in this process requires dedication, accountability, and compassion for yourself and literally everyone else. It’s no small feat. But we share these stories and lessons again and again to arouse what lives within us time over. So we can go beyond sabotage and self inflicted wounds. So we can sweep up others in the grace of our wake. And so we can live this wild, messy, and amazing life unashamed, tapped in, in community, and surrounded by understanding and love.

It takes courage to pan out and observe our lives. And with the new lens of awareness, through creating space and employing a positive outlook – you can make change. You can feel peace.

With love,
The Sukhalife Yoga fam
Feat. contributing Writer Carly Mertz of Sacred Spaces Creations

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