Mother Kombucha on Tap


Just as we nurture our spirit through meditation and mindfulness, we believe in nourishing our bodies with nature’s best offerings. This is why we’re proud to introduce our Kombucha on Tap. If you’ve heard of Kombucha as that trendy tea adored by the urban elite, think again. Kombucha, often referred to as “mother nature’s elixir,” is a potent blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and beneficial probiotics designed to rejuvenate and replenish. Let Mother Kombucha be your daily dose of goodness, a toast to a life lived wholesomely.

Stop in and join us for a glass or take home one of our 32 oz. Growlers.

Growler re-fills are only $7!

Kombucha Pricing

12 oz. cup – $3.75
32 oz. Growler un-filled – $6.00
32 oz. Growler re-fills – $7.00
32 oz. Growlers filled – $13.00

Now on Tap:


Turmeric Ginger Lemonade

Ingredients: Ingredients: organic raw kombucha (filtered water, organic cane sugar, kombucha culture, organic fair trade green, white & jasmine tea), organic ginger, organic turmeric, organic lemongrass, organic lemon myrtle, natural rose flavor, and grapefruit oil, orange oil, lime oil and tangerine oil.


Serene Tropical Guava

Ingredients: organic raw kombucha (filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic fair trade green tea, kombucha culture), organic hibiscus, organic reishi mushroom, organic black tea, organic orange peel, organic guava flavor, organic pineapple, organic rosehips, organic green tea extract (L-theanine).

About Kombucha

From the refreshing coolness of mint to the soothing embrace of lavender, nature’s palette has never tasted so vibrant and delightful.

Kombucha, a living testament to the wonders of fermentation, originates from the delicate dance between SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) and the natural sweetness of black or green tea.

As we infuse it with nature’s finest offerings—such as tangy cayenne, rejuvenating raspberry leaf, and earthy turmeric—it transforms into a sparkling beverage bursting with effervescence and flavor.

Every sip offers a bouquet of benefits: the goodness of fermented foods, nourishing probiotics, vital enzymes, organic acids, B vitamins, and a treasury of antioxidants.

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