Modifying your yoga poses in order to protect your knees is simple and easy. From group instruction to personal yoga at home we’ve got some great advice for you. Check out our list of ways to modify yoga for people with knee problems below.


The Basics

Know your limits. If you do group yoga, just let your teacher know you have a knee problem and you may quietly sit out a Warrior II pose or something with a lunge. This is why it is important to meditate before a yoga session, even for three to five minutes, so you can get in tune with your body and let it tell you when your knees just aren’t in the mood for a particular pose.



Align yourself into each pose from your feet, working up your body. Spread your toes, ground your feet flat and firm to the floor, and focus on opening up your hips in each pose. Avoid locking your knees. You want to engage your muscles, but keep the knee slightly soft and bent.



If you’re serious about yoga, invest in a good mat. If your gym or class provides mats use a towel or blanket to cushion the knee in poses like the Puppy or Gate. Blocks are also a good prop to keep from hyper-extending in poses, too. You’ll want to support poses like the Half Moon and Triangle pose with a block, and Child’s Pose with both a blanket and a block. To protect your knees from the pressure of being pressed against the floor, our yoga knee pad is the perfect prop!


Yoga Poses For Knee Injury Contraindications

Inform yourself on what poses to stay away from and what poses are great for strengthening knees. The Yoga Journal has a great list for contraindications by ailment. While, The BeachBody Blog can show you 8 Yoga Moves to Strengthen Your Knees.

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