Bak Lava

/bäk/ /lé vä/

Pronoun: a comedic force of beauty, a yogic delicacy with a love of furthering the arts and getting her screentime. 

Who is Bak Lava?

Bak (Bai Ingno Charn) Lava is the comedic force of beauty. Who is she? She is an almost alarmingly beautiful woman in the stilettos walking down the street. She is me, she is you…

A queen with a passion for Drag Yoga, television, comedy, the runway, and hostessing unforgettable 

Let Bak Lava feature your Drag Yoga event at or contact for almost anything else, from press inquiries, to rap collaborations, to themed gender-reveal parties.


10.21     Thursday, October 21st at 4PM Bak will join the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce in coordination with The Dali Museum to speak about contributing to the unique culture in The Bay Area and how other local influencers drive tourism and promote positive change.

10.24     Catch Bak ‘kidnapping’ a lucky group of yogis Sunday, October 24th at 3PM for our first-ever Escape Room Drag Yoga! Working together as a group you will (hopefully) navigate the traps and puzzles laid out before you to make it out of the calming yoga studio in one piece.

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